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Meditation Set #7

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Traveling at the Speed of Mind

To realize suddenly that the world inside of you is far vaster and more kaleidoscopic than anything ever imagined;

that when you truly turn inward you become connected with the whole of everything, from corner to furthest corner -

and simply to think of it is to energetically bond with it, altering it microcosmically...

self also forever inexplicably altered, expanded, made more.

To understand then...

that on this wild ride

clearly none of us are dreaming nearly big enough -

breathe deep and be bold.


You can only run for so long before you have to stand and face what hunts you,

what haunts you.

Otherwise you will forever be running away from the direction of a better you,

just on the other side of your shadow.


Today I give myself space without need or expectation of output .

Today I give myself space just to sit.

Just to be.


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