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Meditation Set #9

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Sometimes when I am too exhausted to keep moving, I slow down and in the quiet... grief rushes in.


He shattered me almost into nothing, but I did not blow away in the wind.

Over time I have pieced myself back together again into something entirely new.


Following the trail of synchronicity with deepest trust, humility, and most importantly gratitude. This is not the world I used to walk in - horizons have shifted and vistas have lifted.


Prayer to the Universe

I call upon the goddess of the void where all love emanates from to surround me in the awe and frequency of light. I call upon the origin of the muse, the seed of inspiration, that infinite cosmic spark to speak its ambient syllables through stars and river ripples glinting in the sunlight, to teach me the bubbling language of the most eternal and creative source so that my river of inspiration may never run dry.

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