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Custom Light Language Art

Spiritually Inspired Art Designs

About My Designs

My Light Code designs are centered around the belief that we truly are capable of achieving anything we can imagine if we align our minds and our hearts with everyday action. These designs are meant to help seekers find their inner strength and light their way through times of growth and challenges.

What are 'light codes'?


About My Spiritual Philosophy

My path has been a journey of discovering my authentic voice and I know my purpose lies in helping others find the courage to explore and express their own versions of self identity and artistry. I believe that is how I can best honor the gifts the universe has given me and open up as many experiences as possible as offerings of love in this humble little human lifetime. 

Inspiration for Inner Garden Series:

What if the highest form of ego is actually imagination? 


What if we instead understood that the ego is actually just another tool, an important one, especially when it comes to believing in yourself when no one else will?


Ego is the seed of self-belief -

Just let that plant grow the way that it was meant to.

'Inner Garden' Light Code

For grounding and protection and integrating one’s light and shadow so your inner garden can flourish.

Purchase 'Inner Garden' Light Code art and products in my store or select one of the 'Inner Garden' designs and contact me to get a personalized intention light code added to the design just for you. Customized designs can be provided as digital files, added to store products or printed for wall art display.

'Spark In The Dark' Light Code

Designed to inspire those with creative blocks, to be a spark in the dark for anyone who is seeking their own creative form/s of self expression or in need of jump start into new projects and the courage to pursue new dreams.

Purchase the 'Spark In The Dark' Light Code design in my store or contact me to get a personalized intention design created just for you.

Coming Soon!

'Build Your Own' Custom Light Code

Have an intention or concept you would like turned into your own custom piece of Light Code Art to help activate your journey and get that positive energy flowing?


Let me know what you're looking for and I'll reach out with more details:

Specialized intention, imagery, color scheme available for a custom digital design or for print on store products or wall art display

About Light Laguage
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Spiritual Activation & Light Downloads

What is Light Language and Light Codes?

Both Light Language and Light Codes are regarded as tools for accessing and harnessing spiritual energies, facilitating inner transformation, and deepening one's connection to the divine or higher aspects of self. While their precise meanings and interpretations may vary across different spiritual traditions, they share a common emphasis on the power of symbolic communication and energetic resonance in the pursuit of spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

Light Language:

Light Language is often described as a form of energetic communication that transcends spoken or written words. It is believed to operate on a level beyond the limitations of conventional language, tapping into the universal language of consciousness.
Practitioners of Light Language may use a variety of methods to express this form of communication, including speaking in unknown tongues, singing, toning, hand gestures, or drawing symbols.

Light Codes:

Light Codes are symbols, geometric patterns, or energetic frequencies believed to contain information and wisdom from higher dimensions or realms of consciousness.
These codes are often perceived or received during meditation, spiritual practices, or moments of heightened awareness. They can appear as visual images, intuitive insights, or energetic sensations.

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Light Code Services

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Light Language Theme:

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