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Meditation Set #5

Meditation on life

no matter if yes or no

let it all go...

let it all flow.


Flotsam and Jetsam

So much chaos hindering momentum...

bits of oscillating space junk

in the atmosphere of my mind,

what started as clear skies now needs cleansing.

A cascade of sharp rain, soft pain,

needles behind the eye begging for attention -

migraine or intuition?

Used to feel so connected to the source

behind, beneath, within it all...

now I just feel quiet and alone.

But even that has a mind of its own.

There is no need to compromise values and energy

when it's just me orbiting this lost planet of... also me.


inside out, upside down, twisted in and around, behind and beneath

is it water - is it air rushing all around?

drowning on dry land

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