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Meditation Set #1

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Dripping In and Out

Damp and green - the entire world it seems. Blue and gray striations sit low and heavy against the white sky, post-storm atmosphere over muted blue water. Rain drops pool on leaves and petals, gather and slip, tipping over the sides to lap at the ground. Gentleness - cool in the wet air. This is the kind of afternoon I feel at the tips of my fingers - a conversation, energy being exchanged between my whirling atoms and the atoms of greater chaos outside me, the most peaceful seaming collision. A sensation of distinctness between the lips of cosmic interconnectedness, how to maintain a sense of self in the midst of the universal? The weight of eyelids and sleepiness... just to be at the center of all and nothing.



If you reduce life down to its bare molecules then we are all just part of the same unified mess, swirling in the cosmic cesspool of bubbling atoms.

Sweet rotting apples, flowering cacti, unbrushed teeth, Sunday morning rain...

everything at its core is just swapping particles with the next nearest collection of matter like molecular fleas leaping from host to host.


How To Fill A Space With The Experience of God

To reach the presence of god one must break through the density of the universe, the film that clogs up our minds, eyes, mouths, drips out our ears.

In the fight against the emptiness we all live in, cosmic as it is, we seek to create warmth and recognition, tether the unknowable to chairs and boulders and cardio muscles - substances we understand. But enlightenment comes through the realization that very little understanding actually exists anywhere, just familiarity.

Breathe it all in and let it all go.

In order to transcend our human horizons we must shed everything, toss them all aside - Everything: perceptions, facts, systems and even dreams. We must become as light as the sky that sits on the horizon line so we can float up into the belly of the universe, into the wide whale of existence. To truly find sacred space within the great void we must unbelt ourselves from our skins and become the void, fill it with our essential spirits, becoming glorious vessels transmitting the unfiltered cosmos straight through the thick radio silence of this world. Then, only then might we stand some chance of recognizing the presence of the Devine was within us the whole time.

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